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Jamlers Right Off the Bat

Reggie is a joy! He isn`t happy unless he has a toy in his mouth and playing.  He demands others to play too and is pretty persistent about it.  He takes after the Millcoats line through and through. Look at his daddy Toppers Thunderheart and Millcoats Titus and Flippin Scout his grand sire and you will see there is no mistaking his pedigree.

Cdn.Ch. Jamlers Right Off the Bat

Am Ch. Toppers Thunderheart

Am. Ch. Flippins Scout

Am. Ch. Millcoats Geronimo

Am. Ch. Millcoats Titus
Am.Ch. Walnut Row Moe's Mighty Samson
Millcoats Forever Flopsy
Am. Ch. Millcoats Esther Hammonds Bosworth
Millcoats Tis Tess

Flippins My Bonnie

Am. Ch. Millcoats WB's Obidiah
Am. Ch. Docs Wabash Cannon Ball
Am. Ch. Millcoats WB's Image of Pie

Rich Whistling Dixie
Am. Ch. Rich Boscoe Red
Rich Pinstripe

Am. Ch. Glendars Miss Daisy

Am. Ch. Glendars Dylan

Am. Ch. Beauties Amos
Am. Ch. Millcoats Titus
Am. Ch. Beauties Repeat

Am. Ch. Glendars She's a Beauty
Am.Ch. Little Ponds Chief
Am. Ch. Glendars Easter Sensation

Am. Ch. Glendars Amazing Maisie
Am. Ch. Coastbulls Smoke from Fire Am. Ch. Beauties Amos
Trabucos Fear No Fire
Am. Ch. Glendars Luv a Mug Sweet Cheek's Am. Ch. Legacy Only Calvin Klein
Glendars Charismatic

Cdn Am Ch. Jamlers Dottie Pepper

AmCh Ramblin Bulls IL Dotore

AmCh Phenix's High Voltage

Am Ch Beefeater's Linebacker
AmCh Beefeater's Hitman Humphrey
AmCh Beefeater's Lady Bug
Phenix's Sadie is No Lady AmCh Millcoats Luke
AmCh DK's Phd

Phenix`s Maxies Off Broadway

AmCh Phenix's Little Ponds Oscar
AmCh Little Pond's Leroy
AmCh Little Pond's Martha

Phenix's Emma
AmCh Little Pond's Chief
AmCh DK's Phd

Cdn.Ch. Joylee's She's Born With It

Joylee's Zeus of Hounslow

AmCh Gemstone's Rebel Rouser
AmCh. Legacy's Cajun Zeus
Betfras Boudin Blanc of Miji

Joylee's Millificent
AmCh Hounslow Snow Storm
Hounslow Phoenicks of Joylee

Joylee's Diva Devine

Maximus Sweet William
Ch. Satchmos Bartholomew
Ch El Toro Shadow Dancer
Joylee's Dusky Doll BullyValley Tiger Toes
Joylee's Millificent
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