The Boys

RIP my dear Diesel. 

May 14, 2001-Nov 25, 2011

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Thank the Dog that Touched My Soul

    The sky is overcast with a chill in the air that reaches through to the core of my bones. All the dogs are lying at my feet having a late afternoon nap. Each dog exhales with a loud snore sometimes in unison, other times taking turns so the snore becomes almost a constant hum. All but one dog is here. I look to my right where his favorite spot used to be. Its empty and quiet. He was the champion of the snorer's. I remember having to turn up the volume on the tv just so I could hear it over the “window rattling” vibrato. Oh, how my heart yearns to have that sound back. Occasionally, I would reach over and touch him just to let him know he is loved and in return he would take a deep sigh or offer a quiet moan to reciprocate the feeling.

    He is gone now and I try desperately to remember how his fur felt when I patted his big heavy wrinkled head, or to look into his soft dark brown eyes that were always in search of my approval. I try everyday to keep my memory of him strong by looking at pictures and videos. The fear of losing any memory of him frightens me. Any memory, small or big, is all that is left and I can't bear the thought of even losing just one. I go to bed each night hoping he will visit me in my dreams and I awake each morning wondering how I will get through another day without him in it. I can't seem to be able to take a deep breath my chest is so heavy with grief. The pain seems unbearable.

    If someone asked me to describe what a soul is or how I knew I had one I guess for me it is a feeling of contentment, an unspoken communication. That feeling you get when you come home from a long vacation. That feeling of belonging, the feeling of “Home”. He gave me that feeling. He seemed to always know what I needed. If I was sad, he was gentle, resting his head on my lap, or when I was happy, he was a clown, tossing a toy and rolling in the grass. He loved to show me his favorite toy or bone. He would walk toward me doing the “hippo walk” throwing his head from side to side with pride to show me what he had in his mouth.

    I thank him for sharing his soul with me. I vow to never forget him and I yearn for the time when we will meet again. I wait patiently for the day I will look into a puppy's eyes and I will see him looking back at me. Until then, I will keep his memory safe and near to comfort me and get me through each day. He was a gift in my life and I am forever grateful to him for far more than just being my dog, but for ..............touching my soul.

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